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14 November 2012 - SATS Workshop

The Bible College Correspondence office had their last SATS Workshop for the year on the 14th of November 2012.

Herewith some feedback from the students who attended:

1. Good. Interesting.

2. Real helpful tips. Looking forward to following assignments.

3. I think it will take my marks from the 70's to 80's!! My work looks much neater and representable.

4. Very helpful with Word.

5. Very helpfull. ·We need more of these information.

6. For those of us who are not that Computer literate this was fantastic. Thanks so much!

7. Very, very helpful. Thanks.

8. Thanks, it helped a lot.

9. Very good.

10. Very helpful and clarifying. Takes fear out of assignments. Personal interaction makes the class easier to follow. Overall very informative and fun.


5 May 2012 - SATS Workshop

On 5 May 2012 the Bible College Correspondence office facilitated a SATS Workshop.

Here are what some of the students attending the meeting had to say:

1. Awesine to meet markers. Great to be able to ask questions and be answered personally.

2. Happy, it was positive and needed. Will attend future meetings.

3. It is worth it. It helps sort our misunderstanding. Very helpful.

4. It enriched my knowledge and understanding of what is expected of me and I would love to come to such workshops again.

5. Very informative. Nice to meet other students. Questions are answered.

6. Really neede! Clear teaching in a relaxed way.

7. Absolutely worth coming, cause I've Learned a lot.  Carol really answered the questions well and with excellence.

8. Very positive. It is a must, it helps a lot. We also learn from one another by asking questions.  Great session.  Should have been done long ago.


29 August 2012 - SATS Workshop

On 29 August 2012 the Bible College Correspondence office facilitated a SATS Workshop.

Here are what some of the students attending the meeting had to say:

1. Thank you very much. Helps to consolidate info and clear up many problems.

2. Very helpful. Thank you for the special attention.

3. Introductions of students. Very informative and insightful. Thank you.

4. Very, very helpful. Cleared a lot of things I struggled with.

5. Thank you. Enjoyed the workshop. Helped me a lot. I understand certain aspects better and will do better assignments. It was encouraging to hear from the others - I'm not alone.

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