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17 May 2014 Ministry Day

Welcome Holy Spirit


We hosted our firt Ministry Day of 2014 on Saturday 17 May with the theme of Welcome Holy Spirit.


John Grobler, the head of the Bible College opened the morning with prayer and welcomed the students. John gave a message on the Holy Spirit and used an onion to demonstrate how God works in our lives.


The second speaker of the day was full-time 1st year leader Talitha Körner and as usual she blessed the students with her infectious personality and enthusiasm! Talitha could really encourage the students as she herself received her B.Th. from SATS in 2012 and is currently studying towards her Honours degree.


As usual the students were blessed and encouraged to continue with their studies.







7 September 2013 Ministry Day



We hosted our last Ministry Day of 2013, on Saturday 7 September with the theme of Worship.

altJohn Grobler, the head of the Bible College opened the morning with prayer and welcomed the students. John gave a message on “Knowing God”. He inspired us all to focus our lives on knowing God. A person can only worship God, if you know who He is. Our worship can only go as “deep” as the knowledge of Him and our personal encounter with Him. In this encounter with God a person finds his/her own identity in Christ. John motivated the students to finish their studies, because the Lord told them to study and that this is all part of worshipping God.


Marlene Steyn ministered to us on the “Fear of the Lord”.  This theme connected with John’s message in the sense that if you don’t know who God is, then you won’t fear Him.  “Fear of God” is to have utmost respect for Him and for who He is.

alt                             alt

Lastly Wilmar Grove ministered and served us with Prophetic Worship on the keyboard. All of the students were in quiet adoration of the Lord. He touched everyone that was present on this day.

The students were blessed and inspired to continue with their studies.


alt  alt  alt  alt  alt   alt


SATS Ministry Day 11 May 2013

The 3 Stranded Cord

We had our first SATS Ministry Day of 2013 on Saturday 11 May. Our theme for the day was the “Three Stranded Cord”. This was about the Body, Mind and Spirit, and the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our Scripture for the day was 1 Thess. 5:23: ‘Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ’.

altHead of the college, John Grobler, welcomed the students and opened with prayer. His message was that relationships are important. Firstly our relationship with God, and then our relationship with other people. This was also the first two questions that God asked man in Genesis. God asked Adam, ‘Where are you?’, and ‘What have you done?






After John, Pastor Mario Steyn ministered in two sessions. He talked about what it means to be human. ‘Humus’ is a word that comes from human, and it shows that we came from dust. He said that it is important to ask the council (advice) of many. As for ourselves, we can only give what we have. He used the David Star as an example and said it is the symbol of the body, mind, and soul, and the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mario then did a colour analysis with the students to help them see who they are. This helped the students to see in which areas they excel, and in which areas they still need to grow.




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15 September 2012 Ministry Day


Our last Correspondence Ministry Day for 2012 took place on Saturday 15 September. There was only a small group of students that attended, but it was a blessed and a special day. Michelle opened the day with prayer and reading from Psalms 100:5.


John Grobler led us through the Bible to show us how faithful God is.


Marie Hugo came to teach us to listen to the music that God is playing through us. We must use this music to encourage people around us. A word from God can encourage and lead people when they need it most.


Annette Herbst taught us that God already gave us all the tools that we need to serve Him. We should use our whole body in service of God and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when to use it. We can use our arms to hug someone that is desperate for love and care, and we can listen with our ears to somebody that needs to share.  Annette and her team gave a prophetic word to all the students that attended. These words encouraged and inspired our students. 


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19 May 2012 Ministry Day


Our first Correspondence Ministry Day for 2012 took place on Saturday 19 May. Twenty four SATS (South African Theological Seminary) and EBS (Electronic Biblical Studies) students attended and we had a great time. We were blessed with three wonderful speakers who ministered on the theme of the day: the Father Heart of God.


John Grobler started the day with a testimony. He encouraged the students in their studies by saying that when they feel despondent they should keep on studying because their Father told them to do it. During this time they should ask God what He wants to do in them through their studies. God is love, but a person must also respect Him for who He is. His will and purpose brings fulfillment in our lives. We go through hardships to learn obedience, like Jesus did when He was on earth.


Mario Steyn shared on the meaning of love according to John 3:16. He took seven points out of this verse, namely:


These seven points demonstrate God’s love for us as our Father. We ought to show this same kind of love to others, but at the same time this love has a price.


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