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Why study at Living Word Bible College?

johngroblerIt is a common misconception among many believers that it is not desirable for Christians to set time aside for theological studies. The problem with such thinking is that those teachings of Scripture that we hold dear, those truths that bring such life and freedom, have been tried and tested by so many who have gone before us. The discipline of theological studies expands our thinking and deepens our experience of these great truths. The Holy Spirit then enables us to be a more effective voice in the world in which we live.

I understand the negative impact that many scholarly works, which advocate false doctrine, have had on the lives of devout believers. We should be aware of avoiding such works and their writers. Before anyone would seek to pursue theological studies, it is important to first do research on where to go.

Here at Lewende Woord Bible College we strive to present people with the living revelation of God – Jesus Christ the Living Word. Our goal is first of all to facilitate people in a study of the Scriptures. The Bible is our foundational text book. Once we have done a somewhat thorough study of the text itself, we take people on a journey of continued exposure and application of this Truth in all of life and history. Our goal is also to equip people who will take the eternal Gospel of Christ and share that truth with a lost and broken world and build up, encourage and strengthen the body of Christ.

Servanthood is an important value to us. As we strive to serve others in a Biblical way, we seek to impart that same kind of heart attitude in everyone we have the privilege to disciple. Nevil Norden made this remarkable statement:

“A servant’s cloak can never be taken away”.

We strive to maintain this spirit in our training. Wherever people may go and whatever position they hold, we want them to have a servant heart that seeks to present the Lordship of Christ and call others to submission to Him. We earnestly desire to experience the Holy Spirit, his Person, His work, and His presence as our Helper to fulfil this task.

The word ‘discipline’ comes from the word ‘disciple’. Through our training we aim to disciple people to be disciplined followers of our Master in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are continually working at providing training that will equip all of God’s people, whether called to work in the institutional church, or whether called for the market place.

I encourage you to seek God earnestly. Is He calling you to study for the purpose He has called you to? Are we able to serve you in any way to achieve that purpose?

Kind Regards

John Grobler

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