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1st Year Curriculum



Our goal is to thoroughly immerse the student in the Word of God for one year.  This is done through a systematic study of each of the 66 books of the Bible.  The end product is a Christian with an in depth overview of the whole Bible.  This is a valuable course for any minister that seeks to fulfil the “Great Commission” of discipling the nations (Matt. 28:18-20).  During the first year the student is taught the following:

-    Basic interpretation principles

-    Types of literature used in the Bible

-    The chronology of events in the Old and New Testament

-    Significant historical background

-    How to find answers for themselves


Other benefits of the Biblical Studies Programme:

  • This programme teaches a student time management and personalEach book has a due date and it is up to the students to manage their time and plot out their schedule.
  • Biblical Studies teaches endurance.
  • A constant diet of the Word of God renews the mind and major changes occur in the students’ lives as they increase in their understanding of God.
  • Biblical Studies develops reading and communication skills.
  • Biblical studies teach students to evaluate their lives, their preaching and teaching by asking, “Is this Biblical?”


Together with the curriculum we focus on discipleship and exposure to ministry.  The full-time courses allow us to support ministries and give students the opportunity to become actively involved.  Because a high premium is placed on the quality of ministry, exposure to ministry takes place under the watchful eye of mentors allocated to specific students or groups of students.  Subjects are presented by lecturers with knowledge and/or experience in specific subject fields.

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